Training Workshop on theme “Active Rehabiltation Of Wheel Chair Users “

On 19th June 2012 a programme on "Active rehabilitation of Wheel Chair users” was organized by Humanity welfare organization HELPline in Collaboration with Help-poor voluntary Trust Srinagar at Shafaqat Rehabilitation centre run by Voluntary Medicare Society Srinagar. Four resource persons Two from Access for All Social Foundation Mumbai:
Mr Arvind Praboo
Mr Nishant Khadae

Two resourse persons from Indian spinal Injuries Centre New Delhi
Mr. Shivjeet Raghaw
Mr. Nekram Upadyai

Came to see the patients with spinal injury hence wheel chair bound, The wheel chair users were given trainings to live an independent life in their wheel chairs. Mr. nek Ram Upadhyai took practical sessions with the wheel chair users. He trained the spinal injured people how to use wheel chairs safely. Mr. upadyai practically showed how wheel chair users can be mobile in all circumstances without any escort.

Shivjeet Singh Rahgaw put in practice how to go for successful social life. He counseled the individuals in wheel chairs how to live with their families. He motivated all wheel chair users live an active life and be the contributors to the society.

Interacting with wheel chair users of Kashmir Nishant Khade and Arvind Prabhoo encouraged the paraplegic and quadriplegic (spinal injured) people not to give up but to start new life with more courage and expertise.

A resource person from MOTIVATION India came to event and presented the availability of wheel chairs with motivation India. These wheel chairs are WHO standards. He also presented the safe ways of using wheel chairs.

Help poor Voluntary trust took care of all logistics. The Director of the HELP-Poor Voluntry trust was the chief guest on the occasion. He gave the inaugural speech. He advised the spinal injured people not to blame your-self of any sin or punishment from Allah. But Allah has put you on challenge and nobody in this world is without problems. He gave various examples depicting that world is full of problems.

Chairman Humanity Welfare Organization had tagged up the programme with the "Access for All Social foundation Mumbai”. He coordinated the programme. On 18th June the guests were received from the Airport by the Chairman Humanity Welfare Organization HELPline. A disable friendly vehicle was hired by our organization for receiving the guests from Mumbai and Delhi. Speaking on the occasion Chairman Humanity Welfare Organization HELPline Bijbehara , Who himself is wheel chair-bound due to bullet injury in spine, requested wheel chair users not to remain confined to homes but become active citizens. He encouraged the wheel chair users by giving examples of various role models living life in wheel chairs like Stephen Hawkings and Dr. Alhuwalia. We are valuable part of the Society

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