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Tariq Bashir a person with visual impairments was denied scribe facility while appearing in competitive exams by Public service commission Jammu and Kashmir, He was feeling desperate as for how to appear in the exams. Humanity welfare Organisation HELPline protested for the Rights of Tariq and our organisation approached the Chairman PSC, Secretary PSC, and Director Social Welfare Department. In addition, we raised the voice before media. Public service commission had nothing to do but allow Tariq to seek scribe support and appear in the exam. Tariq qualified the exam and presently he is working as lecturer history in school education department. Tariq says HWOHL is a blessing in disguise. He is a regular donor for the organisation on monthly basis. Tariq has been a resource person for HWOHL. He has been motivating other Persons with disabilities to join the voice for rights.

Syed Bashir – a person affected by cerebral palsy overcame his challenge and attained Bachelors in Science stream. He applied for the post of Rehber e Taleem – education guide, under which a person is confirmed as a teacher after five years of service on consolidated pay of Rs 1500/- at first instant and thereafter enhancement of rupees 500/= per annum till service is regularized. Bashir was the topper in the list and was selected for the post. Unfortunately, the person not selected in the list filed a petition against syed Bashir and prayed to the Court that a person with a disability can never be a teacher. J&K High Court quashed the selection of Syed Bashir and passed a judgment that the petitioner should be appointed in place of Syed Bashir. Syed Bashir approached our office for the further fight. Our organization at once approached founder Director Human Rights Law Network – Shri Colin Gonsalves for legal advice. Mr. Gonsalves filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India. The Honourable Supreme court quashed the J&K High court orders and ordered for the continuation of services of Syed Bashir as a teacher under R. T scheme. Syed Bashir Recently joined back his duties and got all dues pending in the department. Syed Bashir has become the member of Humanity Welfare Organisation HELPline NGO working for the rights of persons with disabilities in collaboration with Child Rights and You. Syed Bashir Said, "Guidance and support by HWOHL gave me a new life with dignity”.

During our survey we came to know that Aumarah Jan D/o Gh. Rasool Fashoo R/o Uranhall Bijbehara Anantnag has been facing mental challenge and admitted to normal school, without availability of special educators. But it was not helping the special child in anyway. HWOHL team visited the residence of Aumairah and motivated her parents to send their child to HELPline School. After a number of visits to the Aumarah’s home her parents visited the school and agreed to send her for a week on trial basis.

Aumarah had many behavioural problems like excessive laughing, beating others and not concentrating on studies etc. Doctors have diagnosed her right side hemi paresis and also foot drop. Although the student was studying in 3rd standard in government school but she was unable to recognise or write alphabets. She was very shy and unable to use her right hand.

Our intervention changed her life. Aumarah is now living a life of discipline in normal way. Physiotherapy, music classes and sports activities helped her to change. Now she is using her right hand also, but the left hand is still dominant in her activities. Despite her deformity in lower limb she plays cricket very well. She has improved in academics and remembers a number of rhymes.

She participated in cultural activities on eve of Republic and Independence Day. Recently she joined 15 days sports camp at Nagrota organised by Special Bharat Olympics She was accompanied by school staff and her father. Her father is very satisfied with the improvements in Aumairah’s behaviour. He says, "Schools and organisations like HWOHL are beneficial for special students to explore their talent.

Razia Akhter D/o Ab. Gani Bhat R/o Darbari Mohalla Bijbehara a poor lady of matured age of 40 years was facing pupil defect and was in dire need of surgery. She had registered herself to the Eye bank at All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi in 2006 but was not getting the turn for surgery. The lady approached Humanity Welfare Organisation HELPline NGO and we pleaded the case before His Excellency Governor of J&K and Honourable Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. Both the dignitaries made recommendations to the Eye bank AIIMS New Delhi and the lady with disability was operated on priority. Razia got her eyesight back. On our organisational recommendations she got financial assistance fro the deputy commissioner Anantnag and met her medicinal expenditures. Razia says HWOHL is savour for the helpless. Razia was earlier suppressed under social stigma but now she is going to marry.

Three persons with disabilities were planning to join the special B.Ed programme through Composite Regional Centre for persons with Disabilities Bemina Srinagar. But the amount required as fee for the course was Rs. 15000/= per student. HWOHL granted loan for each candidate against easy instalments and thus the students with disabilities could continue their studies.

Name : Saima Hussain
Age : 20 years
Sex : Female
Fathers Name : Mohammad Hussain Ganie
Address : Zablipora Bijbehara.
Provisional Diagnosis : Blindness
Cause of Disability : unknown / Malnutrition


Before seeking admission in Zaiba Aapa institute of inclusive education then named as HELPline School she was admitted in the nearby Govt. School, where she was not able to adjust with normal counterparts, and not able to make friendship with other children, teachers started complaining against the child to the headmaster who brought to the notice of parents. Saima who was earlier having normal eye sight was now not able to see properly. She was not able to read and write. Teachers unattended the student and she felt sad with this indifference and negative attitude of teachers. Teachers were not able to include Saima because they didn't have any special training to educate blind children. Saima was finally discriminated and dropped out now. She didn't like school now. But every morning she felt very bad when her siblings went school and she and her little brother remained at home.

On 10th February 2007 HWHL organised an awareness camp at Jablipora. Saima's mother participated and she was very enthusiastic when she heard about HELPline School. She was motivated by the staff members of the school to link Saima with schooling. Finally she came and admitted saima in the Helpline School Bijbehara,

Developmental History:

Saima was the case of malnutrition and lack of vitamin A that made her blind. Her right eye had protruded to a larger extend and the eye lashes were not able to guard it. The eye was fully infected and rotten now. 30% eyesight was present in the left eye.

Our Intervention: when Saima was admitted to Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education - school for children with disabilities. She was first student in the school to seek education through Braille technique. Earlier She was now able to read and write. Her depression was now replaced into enthusiasm to seek knowlege. During a medical check up Dr Sajad Khanday an eye specialist suggested Saima should undergo surgery to save her from more complicacies. After few counselling sessions her parents got ready. HWOHL gave the full economic support to undergo surgery and thereafter Dr. Khanday fitted a cosmetic eye. She was again brought to school and was given full support to seek education and live a life with dignity..

History of day of day behaviour:

Saima apart from Braille education was given musical therapy, mobility trainings, craft and sports trainings. She showed a nice performance in music and was then leader of HWHL music team. She represented the 26th January music band on republic day celebrations and won the 3rd prize for school in 2009.

Communication :- Saima showed good communication skills. She became friendly with all other students. she fought for her rights in high pitch and demand her rights from parents. Earlier she was shy and not able to communicate at all.

Social : Regular schooling increased her Social connections with the siblings. She started playing with them and other peers in the neighbourhood. Saima became known personality in Anantnag district after media highlighted the school activities on different channels.

Motor : She walks independently with the help of white can. After rigorous mobility trainings by the special educators in Zaiba Aapa institute she became able to walk independently at home and inside school. Saima is now independently going school and for purchasing in the local market.

Economic status: the child belongs to a family of consisting of father, mother, three sisters and one brother. She is the third child. The monthly income of family Rs 3300/= her father is a daily wager in Horticulture development department, mother house wife and siblings students.


Now the Saima is completely independent. She needs no supervision in the wash areas.
Meaningfully reads and writes.
The vocabulary of Saima has build up and she can read like normal student.
Eye- hand coordination has also improved a lot.
Greets others says Hello, Hi and showing bye bye after proper trainings

Achievements after HWOH intervention

Saima got training Through HWOH and is able to use High version of Braille education.

Now saima appeared in 8th class exam on 19th October 2015 and passed the examination with 69% marks.

Saima was referred to National Association for the blind for 4 months free computer training from December 2015 to March 2016. She completed the training successfully and is now using computer, phone with internet.

She is available on whatsapp and operates her own email id

Saima got admission in Government Higher Secondary for Girls and pursued class 9th and completed it successfully.

She appeared in class 10th and secured 70% marks through NIOS.

Saima was given musical training support for 6 years in Zaiba Aapa institute in which she was enrolled for formal education. Hence Saima got capacity development through Mohammad Ashraf Zargar (Music Teacher)and became a singer. She got number of awards & mementos in various competitions.

Saima got popularity in the whole of J&K for being the student of Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive education run by Humanity welfare organization HELPLine. She participated in various seminars, symposia, Naat completions and got the appreciations from various headquarters.

Recently Deputy Commissioner Anantnag Syed Aabid Rasheed Shah donated laptop to Saima Hussain and She has been continuing education through the computer.

Saima is presently perusing class 11th in Government Girls Higher Secondary School Bijbehara.  She was recently awarded by the Principal of the Institution - Jenab Qaisar ul Hassan.

Bisma Jan is born a deaf & dumb girl. She was admitted to nearest government primary school at the age 5 but due to non-availability of sign language interpreters and special educators in the school, the child was dropped out from the school.  During awareness camp regarding the rights of children with disabilities in the Shamsipora village, the father of the child participated in the awareness programme and requested for the transportation facility for his deaf & dumb daughter and son, so that they too could be linked with educational facilities. The transport facility was given to both the children and the children were admitted in Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education. Bisma was admitted in class UKG.

  1. Complaints at the time of admission:-
    1. Not recognizing alphabets properly
      1. Not able to communicate
      2. Very shy & non-social

    2. Family History :-
      1. Mother was CA patient at the time of admission.
      2. Younger brother too Deaf & Dumb
      3. Mother died after lung surgery was performed
      4. Father died of Heart Arrest.
      5. Living with step brother’s family

    3. Birth History :-
      1. Home Delivery
      2. No problem during delivery
      3. No cry at the time of birth

    4. Socialization :-
      1. Now fully socialized.

    5. Rehabilitation Plan:-
      Given lip reading training
      Sign language interpretation
      Linked to scholarship programme through social welfare department


Bisma was able to read and write in English alphabets from A-Z and in Urdu, she is able to write I toﮮ,  after huge efforts.  In math she was able to write numerals from 1-100. She is able to recognize her own belongings. Now she participates in sports activities like cricket, carom, water ball, tug of war etc. She also participates in cultural activities. She shows good interest in making craft items. Along with other students she has also improved in communicating his views. She also mingles with the siblings and plays with them. Now Bisma is independent and does not require any support in her own maintenance. Presently Bisma reads in class 5th and is able to cope up with the entire syllabus. The financial support from City Bank of India Mumbai through United Way India helped our School to hire the sign language interpreters who are doing their best and helped to build the capacity of Bisma to seek Education.

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