3rd Spinal cord injury rehabilitation conference

On 24th April 2017 a day long 3rd spinal cord injury rehabilitation conference was held at Lovely Professional University Jalandhar.  Around 500 delegates with spinal cord injury from across the country Participated in the conference.  The conference was organized by Spinal Cord Injury Association. Nine delegates along with their 9 escorts participate from Kashmir region participated in the conference which include:

  1. Waseem Feroz Matto
  2. Abdul Rehman Parray
  3. Dildar Ahmad Shapoo
  4. Aijaz Ahmad Bhat
  5. Jan Mohmad Bhat
  6. Javed Ahmad Lone
  7. Showkat Ahmad Rangrez
  8. Muzafer Ahmad Bhat
  9. Javed Ahmad  Tak

The transport arrangement was made by Humanity Welfare Organization Helpline (HWOHL). The Helpline under the leadership of Honorary chair person and was fully sponsored by Heevan Travels Srinagar. During the conference three sessions were held.

The first session was the session of role models in the area of spinal cord injured person. Around 15 role models across the country impressed the delegates by telling their success stories. Some persons with spinal cord injuries were sports persons, somewhere artists, some had performed best in education and somewhere intellectuals performing duties in universities and other educational institutions. Their stories motivated the delegates to replicate and start the same things in areas. The next session was of doctors and specialists. Around 10 doctors participated in the session and trained the delegates how to maintain daily living by taking care of

  • Urological problems gastroenterological issues.
  • Bed sole prevention and management.
  • Physiotherapy exercises.
  • Avoidance of neurological Pains.
  • Use of Wheel chairs.
  • Independent living.
  • Dress Changing
  • Drive Vehicles & Maintaining the relationships.

The Third session was story telling from delegates. Various delegates told about their experiences of life after meeting spinal cord injuries, all such stories where heart touching and full of exposure. They where informative and encouraging for other delegates who had not preferred to get rehabilitated but had be living a bed ridden life for years after having spinal cord injuries. We too had a success story with us. Person namely Dildar Ahmad Shapoo despite having spinal cord injury had travelled in a car and visited 25 states after travelling in a hand controlled car to spread awareness about spinal cord Injury. He was gifted with a battery operated wheelchair by the spinal cord injury Association

The delegates from Kashmir had a wonderful experience by attending such a informative conference for the first time. Most of the delegates had never visited any other place after facing spinal cord injury. They have never met the people from outside state using wheelchairs because of spinal injuries. All the delegates where happy after attending the event and thanked the Hevan Travels Srinagar for affording transportation for them. In addition they thanked Humanity welfare Organization Helpline for arranging the trip.  After reaching back all the delegates unanimously accepted to organize meeting at Helpline office on monthly basis in order to reach out the other spinal cord injured people in order to train them how to live an independent life on wheelchair with dignity. Whatever knowledge was gained from the conference will be disseminated among the wheelchair users due to spinal cord injuries living in far flung areas.

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