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Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education:-

About Zaiba Aapa:

Zaiba Banoo was born and bought up in Bijbehara town in sagroo family. She was married to Ghulam Mohammad Tak in Tak family - a renowned business background family. Zaiba was highly passionate to help needy people, At the age of 25 she had discovered a herbal medicine used for the burn patients. In 1930's there was less transport facilities, healthcare facilities in villages. The winters used to be harsh and snowfall was at the highest ranges thus use of Kangrees (fire-pots) in Kashmir valley was usual affair. Sometimes Kangree proved fatal and children were the worst victims, Zaiba used to be the healer for such patients who were severely burnt. After 10 to 15 dressings the patients were able to get healed. Thus at the age of 50 Zaiba was Zaiba Aapa for the whole community around Saraf mohalla. She used to cook extra meals and provide food and curry. She was helper for those students who were not in opposition to afford school fee. Zaiba - Aapa was the full-fledged social worker who despite having less professional know how of professional social work. Today Zaiba Aapa is alive for his Good deeds and community support.

Establishing Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education - school fully equipped for the education of Able - Disable together is the major initiative of the Humanity Welfare Organization "Helpline". Presently it is the day care centre for differently able children, in which 85 students with different disabilities, viz Hearing disability, Visual disability, Intellectually disability, Orthopedically disable are enrolled and imported services like special education for mentally disabled, Braille education for visually disable children, Sign language for hearing disable children, in addition to this ADL training, music, vocational training, sports training etc. For cerebral palsy affected children and orthopedically impaired children physiotherapy is regularly provided to these children and speech therapy is provided to the hearing disable children.


physiotherapy is an integral part of the school activities, because most of the children with different orthopedic impairments require the physiotherapy interventions to maintain their muscular strength, full range of motion in all the joints prevent the further deterioration of their condition. Regular sessions of exercise therapy are provided to the children with cerebral palsy, orthopedically disable and children with multiple disabilities.

Speech Therapy:

Many children with hearing and speech disabilities are also present in the day care centre, to improve their speech and language skills regular speech therapy session are being provided to these children. Their speech has improved a lot.

Special education to intellectual impaired children:

children with intellectually impairment require special care in all the activities because of their low intellectual capacity. They are provided individual attention to cater their needs in academic skills, Activities of Daily living ADL training, communication and social skills through individual educational plan (IEP).

Teaching through sign language to the hearing impaired children: The hearing impaired children in the day care centre are provided education through the sign language in all the subjects prescribed the board of school education (BOSE) by a trained teacher.

Braille education to the visually impaired:

Braille is script for reading and writing for the visually impaired children. The children with visual impairment in the day care centre educated using Braille and all subjects prescribed by the board of school education (BOSE) are taught to these children using appropriate teaching learning material like Braille slate, Taylor frame, abacus, talking calculator etc

Recreational activities:

Recreational activities play an important role in the rehabilitation of these children. In the day care centre every effort is made to engage them in various recreational activities, like music class and outdoor activities like playing cricket with special balls, foot ball, competing in the cultural activities etc.

Vocational training:

children with different impairment are taught making various items of ice- cream sticks and jute so that they can earn their livelihood from these at the late stage of their life. This activity is taught to them by a trained teacher.

Providing Computer education & I Pad trainings to visually impaired, Hearing & Speech, Orthopedically Impaired, Mild Moderate Intellectually Impaired Children & Autistic Students:

In addition to all these activities children are being provided the Computer Education so make them skill full. The Visually impaired students are using JAWS Software which is talking software. The autistic students are getting education through I PADS by which they gain the interest in schooling, The Eye contact gets stronger by using the I pad as the eye contact is missing in the Autistic students The Specially designed applications do not only impress the children but also the parents of the children. The use of the I Pad has reduced the severity of hyper activities of the Children.

To Provide Home Based Rehabilitation to Immovable Differently abled Children at their Homes (Physiotherapy)

In Ten intervention villages there are almost 18 children suffering from cerebral palsy and are completely bed ridden the organization provides them rehabilitation services at their homes on weekly basis. Physiotherapist and other staff visit their residences and provide exercises to them and trainings to their Parents and siblings to continue/ follow the programme regularly.


Basic Academic Training

"We provide basic academic training to the children with mild and moderate level of mental retardation."


Craft Training

"We provide craft training to the visually impaired children, children with Mild mental retardation and children with speech and hearing impairment."


Braille Education

"Impart Braille education to V.I students."


Computer Education

"Providing computer education to the visually impaired students."



"We provide physiotherapy to orthopedically, intellectually impaired and cerebral palsy children."

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