Awareness programme regarding child rights, child sexual abuse and disability rights on 23rd May 2019

An awareness programme regarding child rights, child sexual abuse and disability rights was organised by Childline Anantnag, on 23rd May 2019, in collaboration with Humanity welfare organisation Helpline and Government Higher Secondary school Srigufwara Anantnag. The aim of the programme was to generate awareness among the students regarding the child sexual abuse, prevalence and protection. All staff members and students of GHSS Srinagar, staff childline and children of Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education Bijbehara participated in the programme. Two sessions were held.

First session was introduction of Childline and its functioning in district Anantnag. The session was carried out by Imtiyaz Ahmad Kumar team member childline Anantnag. He gave an introduction about childline toll free number 1098. In addition he described that 24*7 childline is functional to reach out children in need of help or protection. Imtiyaz Ahmad kumar also sensitised the audience about the child sexual abuse and its consequences. She gave information about safe and unsafe touches. He trained the children how to deal with perpetrators at first instant by bullying, screaming and scolding with high pitch. He was talked about Komal movie which is available on the youtube for awareness of girl children. This movie visualizes how child sexual abusers trap out the little children by using different methods òf reinforcements and win their confidence and then isolate them take them to peripheries for victimisation. He referred to the POCSO Act under which child sexual abuse criminals are punished.

Nazarul Islam the team member Childline Anantnag gave full awareness about 4 basic rights of children viz Right to Survival, Right to Development, Right to protection and right to Participation.

Javed Ahmad Tak Honorary Chairman Humanity Welfare organisation Helpline Bijbehara a nongovernmental organisation working in field of disability gave awareness about the capacities possesed by children with different disabilities. With the help of deaf and mute children he demonstrated the usage of sign language. Two students facing the hearing and speech disabilities Arif Ashraf and Jasmeena Bashir demonstrated their lessons through sign language. Javed Ahmad Tak said that all students should make friendship with children with disabilities and remain cautious in schools and other institutions why some children are not interacting or intermingling. We all should act as keen observers to accomodate and include all. He stressed that character of students while walking in markets and other places of public business should depict that student is well educated and disciplined. He applauded the role of Staff members of Higher secondary school in making students so disciplined and well mannered.

Jogi verghees a special educator of Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education Bijbehara demonstrated the mobility training among children with blindness with the help of a low vision student Hiqmat Yaseen and Malik Farzana Showkat. In addition he demonstrated Braille and taylor frame methods used by blind children for education and mathematical calculations. Some mental disable children Faisal Kakapori and Masroor Manzoor demonstrated crafts like making pen holders with the help of ice cream sticks.

Principal of the Higher secondary school thanked the organisers for undertaking such a wonderful programme. He said that the institution is ready to carry out more programmes of such kind in creating inclusivity in education. He explained role of common people towards the protection of rights of persons with disabilities.

Mohammad Amin shah the moderator of the programme staff member GHSS Srigufwara gave vote of thanks and applauded role of Javed Ahmad Tak in developing the social fabric.

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